Anusara Yoga® Immersion &
Teacher Training (200HRS)

100hrs Immersion: Nov 1 – Nov 7, 2021 & Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2021

100hrs Teacher Training: Jan 10 – Jan 16, 2022 & Feb 7 – 13, 2022

Ready to do what you love, expand yourself and become a yoga teacher?


Anusara® Yoga means to practice from the heart. A life-affirming path of yoga, into the understanding of anatomy and philosophy.  

Anusara® Yoga teachers receive intensive training in all key areas of yoga teaching. Special emphasis is placed on linking heart-oriented topics and tantric philosophy with instructions for precise alignment of postures to inspire students to embody the highest goals of yoga practice. 

Other key areas of the Anusara® Yoga Teachers’ Training Course include the principles of breathing, meditation, creation of posture sequences, observation, verbal and physical alignment, demonstration of postures, use of the voice, and organization of course curricula.

We welcome you to our community of committed and light-hearted teachers who are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a high standard of excellence and to serving students of all ages and levels to discover their own innate goodness, their worthiness, and Divine nature.

Are you ready to become a licensed yoga teacher?

We welcome you at „ELITE studio“ in the west of Marbella to become one of the highly trained and light-hearted teachers who are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a high standard of excellence and to serve students of all ages and levels to discover their own innate goodness, their worthiness, and Divine nature.

The community of thousands of Anusara Yoga teachers around the world invites you to teach wherever you want. You will complete this 200 hours teacher training as an official Anusara Yoga Elements teacher® (, and recognized by Yoga Alliance as a 200 HRS Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT).

Part 1, the Immersion, is open to anyone ready to deepen their yoga practice, it’s a rich exploration of asana, alignment, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, and yoga philosophy. The focus here is on being a yoga student and integrate the Anusara yoga® method.

Follow your call, get inspired, and learn the tools to teach uplifting & inspiring yoga classes

Join our group of enthusiastic teacher trainers to learn this powerful and transformative style of Hatha Yoga. Anusara Yoga means flowing with the heart.

Use the 5 Principles of Alignment to serve your students in a safe way into the practice. With the “heart theme“ you can touch the heart of your students directly.

Hidden benefits of this training


✅ Overcome fear of public speaking.
✅ Learn how to use your voice for optimal impact and flow.
✅ Enter into a state of effortless effort using the principles of Anusara yoga and the power of the breath.
✅ Let go of mindstuff and get a greater understanding of the working of the universe.
✅ Learn about the ‘so called’ yogic superpowers that help you experience a whole different layer of yourself.
✅ Gather a deeper understanding of the working of the mind and non-dual tantric philosophy.
✅ Learn how to create inspiring yoga classes with the groundbreaking sequencing template.
✅ And connect to a community of highly trained and heart centred yoga teachers all around the globe.
So… what are you waiting for?




  • Introduction, 
  • Introduction Tantra Philosophy, 
  • Shri – the intrinsic good, 
  • Anusara Yoga (special features), 
  • the breath, 
  • the 1st A Intention (Intention-Sankalpa), 
  • Anusara in summary, 



  • 2. A alignment 
  • 3. A action, 
  • 1. UPA – Open to Grace, 
  • 5 aspects of Open to Grace, 
  • Spanda – Pulsation, 
  • 2nd and 5th UPA: Muscular and Organic Energy, 
  • Balanced Action, 
  • Purna – the abundance, 



  • three Aspects of ME and OE, 
  • Focal Points, 
  • Optimal Human Blueprint, 
  • Adhikara – the studentship, 
  • Sadhana – the path of the yogi, 
  • History of Yoga, 
  • Anusara Invocation (Mantra)



  • 3rd UPA – The Inner Spiral, 
  • 4th UPA – The Outer Spiral, 
  • Application of the spirals as refined alignment principles in the body, 
  • Applied anatomy of the UPA’s based on the skeletal model, 
  • Rough form of the posture, 
  • review 5 UPA’s



  • Uijai Breath, 
  • Breathing Anatomy, 
  • Tantric Macrocosm – the 36 Tattvas, 
  • the Psychic Tattvas – the limitations of the Divine (Kanchukas), 
  • the 3 levels of mind: the Ego – Ahamkara, the Intelligence – the Spiritual Intelligence – Buddhi, the Perception – Manas, 
  • the Absolute – Shiva Shakti Paramshiva



  • Tattvas deepening, 
  • Prakriti, the relative Tattvas
  • the attributes of it Absolutes, 
  • the 5 divine deeds of Shiva, 
  • meditation, 
  • Koshas




    MODULE 7

    • the 7 loops as part of the finer alignment of Anusara Yoga,
    • Patanjali – the yoga sutras, 
    • overview of the 4 Padas- 4 chapters

    MODULE 8

    • Introduction Pada 1 : Samadhi – 
    • insight into the structure of mind and body (Vrittis-Citta), 
    • Introduction Pada 2 : Saddhana
    • Ashtanga – the 8-folded path

    MODULE 9

    • Yama, 
    • Niyamas, 
    • Asana – postures, 
    • Pranayama – breathing exercises, 
    • Phratyahara – withdrawal of the senses, 
    • Dharana – focus of the mind, 
    • Dhyana – immersion, 
    • Samadhi – enlightenment, 
    • anatomy, 
    • yoga therapy


    MODULE 10

    • Chakras, 
    • Kundalini in Tantra and Yoga, 
    • Nadis and Prana – Sushumna | Ida | Pingala, 
    • Koshas, 
    • Nadi Shodana, 
    • Kapalabhati – Fire breath, 
    • Doshas


    MODULE 11

    • Gunas 
    • Bhagavad Gita – The Song of the divine , 
    • Krishna and Arjuna, 
    • Dharma, 
    • Karma

     MODULE 12

    • specialization in anatomy and UPA’s, 
    • yoga therapy
    • review immersion
    • business of yoga
    • market your authentic self
    • the future!



    • Anusara: Universal principles of alignment for all asanas
    • Spiral Dynamics
    • Non-dual philosophy of Kashmir Shivaism
    • Groundbreaking yoga sequencing


    • Anusara Elements Teacher Certificate Authorization
    • Yogatribe Certificate
    • Yoga Alliance Registered 200RYT

    Transformative Process

    The beginning of a Yoga training is a big step towards a new life full of impressions. The non-dual Tantra of Kashmir Shivaism unites the two sides of Shiva and Shakti, the female and male side and all other opposites in one philosophy.

    Anusara practices from this philosophy into the opposites and unites them. In this way we can get to know both sides of this world and unite them. Step by step we dive into the world of Yoga. Small exercises with big Aha-experiences that open new doors. Teaching is always also a process of our own learning and growing.

        Who can join our training:

        • Students who want to shift their practices and deepen their knowledge of yoga
        • Students who want to become yoga teachers
        • Yoga teachers who want to expand their understanding and their resources for teaching yoga.
        • Students who want to participate in an intensive to improve their practice (available in Module 1)

        Reasons to do a residential yoga training:

        • Having time just for yourself far away from daily obligations
        • More time and energy to dive into the practice and teachings
        • Share fully this experience with like-minded people

        Reasons to come Marbella:

        • An opportunity to live in this magical area in the South of Spain
        • Being close to the Ocean and the waves
        • Sunny weather at Costa del Sol
        • Exploring the culture
        • A sophisticated destination easy to reach
        • Mastering to surf the wave



        For a limited time we open up the Early Bird Pricing of  €3.000 for the one-off payment. Book today!!

        Early early bird | whole Training | 200hrs
        €3.000 payment before July 31, 2021 (20% discount)

        Early early bird | 12 installments | 200hrs
        12 x €255,20 first payment before July 31, 2021 (20% discount)

        Whole Training | 200hrs
        3.350€ One off Payment after Augusts 1, 2021

        12 month Payment Plan €279 per month.

        Check out for more on the Online Library here!

        So.. let’s go!

        ELITE  Yoga | Pilates | Coaching
        Edf. Acqua, Bloque 2, Local 4
        Avda. del Mediterraneo
        29670 San Pedro de Alcantara

        Blended learning advantages.

        • Short videos, learning at your pace
        • Workbooks with tasks
        • Live meetings with other students
        • Online Feedback Group

        General terms and conditions apply to all events, and courses. You can read find them here.


        Kai Hill

        Kai is a Certified Anusara Yoga® teacher (RYT500) and owner of yogatribe studio in Berlin. He has been a member of the global board of Directors of ASHY (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

        Kai did his first steps into Anusara directly with John Friend in a training in 2007. Followed by a 200hrs teacher trainings in Berlin. He dived in a 200hrs teacher training into the art of sequencing with Jason Crandell. He explored the body in a 200hrs training in spiral dynamics ( In 2017 he joined a 100hrs Meditation training. Kai has worked intensively with his favorite teachers like Sally Kempton, Elena Brower, Sianna Sherman, Bill Mahony and Tara Stiles year for year around the globe.

        You can find Kai online via

        n 2016 he co-founded of the global yoga online platform

        Kai is running his Berlin style yogastudio “yogatribe”, his kids and trainings around Europe.

        • Spiraldynamics Training
        • Sequencing training with Jason Crandell.
        • Strala Teacher Training with Tara Stiles.
        • Supervision and participation in the 300 hour training of Sianna Sherman.
        • Meditation Training

        Lydia Mellaart

        Lydia is an Anusara Inspired® licensed yoga teacher and the co-founder of ELITE Yoga | Pilates | Coaching in Marbella (

        She discovered the magic of yoga when she walked into a yoga studio in 2006, and it was the depth and the intelligence of the Anusara yoga system that really got her on board.

        She experienced profound shifts in her yoga practice through the universal principles of alignment and discovered numerous new pathways of moving her body. She continues to be amazed by the transformation these teachings have to offer.

        Lydia is a deep diver and loves to explore the dynamics of the mind. She totally stoked about the ever-expanding benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

        You can find more about Lydia on her website

        • Anusara Inspired® Licensed Yoga teacher (200hrs)
        • Rasa Yoga Teacher (300hrs)
        • Certified Mindfulness Trainer 
        • Certified Trauma Counsellor
        • Meditation Teacher


        Lucas Benet

        Since a small child Lucas has been participating in almost every outdoor sport imaginable that had something to do with the wind, water, mountains, beach you name it Lucas was there. His most successful adventure and sport was Windsurfing, where he was the National Champion of Spain/Europe and went on to participate in the World Championships.

        Along with his many successes resulted many injuries that come along with hard competitive sports, which led him to learn and investigate therapy and rehabilitation to heal and repair his own body. This path led him to become an Integral Osteopath and from there he continued his studies in Colorado, U.S.A. where he received his diploma in the ‘Rolfing Technique of Structural Integration’.

        Lucas Benet is a certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and an avid practitioner of Meditation for many years, among other facets of Yoga and other multiple complementary Therapies.

        His professional experience of 20 years, with his own private consultation and yoga studio, and his deep knowledge of the body therapeutically together with his profound experience with Anusara Yoga, sets a strong foundation of Lucas’s teachings.

        Lucas has been teaching  functional Anatomy to yoga students for years and has written the  functional anatomy curriculum for the Anusara School of hatha yoga.

        Lucas Benet E -RYT 500  and  Anatomy YACEP acredited