An Anusara Inspired® Licensd Yoga teacher and the co-founder of ELITE studio.

She discovered the magic of yoga when she walked into a yoga studio in 2006, and it was the depth and the intelligence of the Anusara yoga system that really got her on board.

She experienced profound shifts in her yoga practice through the universal principles of alignment and discovered numerous new pathways of moving her body.

She continues to be amazed by the transformation these teachings have to offer.

Lydia is a deep diver and loves to explore the dynamics of the mind. She totally stoked about the ever expanding benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

You can find more about Lydia on her website www.lydiamellaart.com

– Anusara Inspired® Licensed Yoga teacher (200hrs)

– Rasa Yoga Teacher (300hrs)

– Mindfulness Coach (SeeTrue)

– Trauma Counsellor

– Meditation Teacher (200hr).

Has been teaching Pilates for nearly 15 years, working accross Europe with both group and private clients, from 8-80 years old.

Tracy teaches mat work Pilates predominately and is also qualified to teach reformer Pilates, Pre and Post natal Pilates, and Pilates with Equipment.

Tracy has worked with a number of professional organizations including the Irish Rowing Team, the Irish Gymnastic Team and the Irish Women’s Rugby Team using Pilates to improve their performance.

Layla is a fun loving, forever student and teacher of life. Layla first discovered yoga in college over 20 years ago and was immediately drawn to the strength, grace and beauty that is YOGA.
Ever since her first connection with yoga she has practiced yoga on and off through the years discovering the many schools and practices of yoga.
Layla first discovered Anursara Yoga in May 2018 and immediately connected with this school of yoga. Layla recently completed the RYS200hrs Anusara School of Hatha Yoga teacher training program in November 2018.
Yoga is fun, and challenges us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones to discover our inner strength and potential.
Layla looks forward to sharing her yoga journey with you!
At first yoga was an alternative for my physical body training, later on I discovered yoga as my medicine for a late detected post-partum depression. 
Becoming a mum has been a big awakening process, a journey that still continuously develops and transforms me. It was then when I started to practice yoga differently, I learned to meditate, I had professional psychological help and slowly I started to reborn again.
Finding light and happiness, after months of darkness, stress and anxiety was the biggest mountain I have climbed. I then realized just a bit of the real power yoga has on us. I became curious and I started to play with the idea of studying yoga to learn more why yoga holds this transformation power.
I let my intuition and my desire for knowledge to guide me and I chose to learn Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga and Meditation.  Since then I practiced daily and I have seen my life getting sweeter and sweeter.
While I continue my yoga studies, I enjoy teaching and sharing the practices that have changed me.

– Meditation Teacher Training @ Kings Meditation Australia 

– YTT Embodied Shakti Yoga (300hr – ongoing)

– YTT Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga @ The Practice Bali (200hr)

– Advanced Tantra Hatha Yoga @ The Practice Bali (30hr)

– Tantra Yoga – Beyond the veil w/ Keli Dierings (20hr)

– Yoga and The Mind w/ Karina Guthrie (30hr)

– Pre- Natal Yoga @ Bliss Yoga Australia (50hr)

– Pre and Post Natal Yoga Training @ The Practice Bali (10hr)

– Yoga Nidra @ ParaYoga (10hr)

Kasia — brings her enthusiasm of life to the mat, to share this journey of internal transformation – towards a healthy & harmonious life.

Discovering tahe connection between body, mind and soul has always been a part of her life. In her early years, folk dance was a vent from daily life where she could express her emotion and engage with other people.

During the class she will often remind you of the importance to keep breathing, to listen your heart, to be the best version of yourself — Namaste


Yoga Guru Deepak Pandeyij enjoys sharing the power of yoga to transform lives. He has dedicated his life to yoga since the age of 14, sharing the knowledge gained during his time at one of the most renowned Ashrams in Mumbai, India.

He was lucky enough to train under the supervision of Shri Jayadev Yogendra, a true yogi and spiritual teacher, from whom he learned the real meaning and value of yoga. He has been living and breathing the yogic lifestyle for 20 years since.

At first, yoga brought him personal transformation. He felt compelled to share what he had learned with others and to help as many people as he could, and decided to train as a yoga teacher.

Two years volunteering with disadvantaged children, the elderly and underprivileged confirmed this desire to share yoga with those in society that need it most. Teaching yoga in schools for underprivileged children inspired him to help young people in particular.

Yoga Guru Shri Deepak B. Pandey is a motivation to all, a spiritual teacher, and an ambassador of health, peace, love and care. His vision of a balanced, stress free, violence-free, more active and less lazy society has motivated thousands of people through his teachings.


 – 900 hours Yoga Teacher Training 

– E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

– 200 RYS (Registered Yoga School)