Dear Mindfulness Trainee,

This week is about awarenesses of thoughts, and discovering the dynamics of your mind.

And, you willl explore the power of your own breath.

Remember to seek for a deeper experience in life by paying attention to what is happening within and around you!

Below you will find additional information to read, and practice, plus the homework for this week.


1. Discontent 2. Breaking Point 3. Decision 4. Fear/Overwhelm 5. Amnesia 6. Backtracking

Can you see how this change cycle has impacted your life? Are you ready for it to stop?

Are you ready to swallow the pill of self-honesty, even if it is hard, because you are tired of being dissatisfied?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and choices?

Consider the following reasons you may have been allowing yourself to fall victim to this cycle

You don’t want to change.

You don’t know what you want.

Your desire isn’t big enough.

You’re letting your fear be bigger than you.

You are attached to your problem.

You’re benefiting from your problem.

What to do this week?

Read the additional information in the workbook on the subjects we addressed this week.

Practice the guided body scan meditation 3 times this week and practice meditation on the breath 3 times this week. Journal about your experiences and insights. If you feel very motivated, you can do both the body scan and the breath meditation daily.

Practice mindful eating and write down what you notice.

Choose a routine activity that you will perform with mindful attention as we practiced with the rasin.

Write about one pleasant experience and take this with you for the coming session so that we can discuss the experience.

Identify your Core Beliefs, find evidence that they are incorrect and take a moment to build up a new belief.

Optional you can read this article on the RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM​ and watch the youtube video “start with the end in mind”, also, this article on how the breath triggers the vagus nerve.

Remember that consistent practice, and massive action is the key to success of this training.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, need a quick chat or if you are feeling unsettled in any way.

With gratitude,