Dear Mindfulness Trainee,


Thank you for the focus, and work you bring into the experience.


Below, you will find the home assignments and the links to the guided meditations and workbook.


What to do this week?

Read the additional information on the subjects we addressed this week in the workbook.

Practice the guided breath meditation 6 times this week and journal about your experiences and insights.

Practice the 3 minutes of breathing space 3 times a day.

Journal about at least one pleasant and one unpleasant experience.

Do one mindful walk.

Watch the youtube video “The Power of Mindfulness” with the gifted Shaune Shapiro.

Assess what aspects of your strategy towards mindfulness and your goal(s) is working and where you need to be flexible in your approach and try new things.


Find an accountability partner and create your “Ta-Da” list.


— Practice makes the master —


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, need a quick chat or if you are feeling unsettled in any way.

With gratitude,