Thank you for completing the 6-weeks mindfulness meditation & life-coaching course!


It has been an absolute honor to have this time with you to share the wonderful teachings.


This is only the beginning, the beautiful thing about mindfulness, it’s ever expanding.


With so much gratitude,



What to do next?

Read the additional information on the subjects we addressed this week in the mindfulness workbook.

Have a look at the different apps that can support your practice in this article. Personally, I really enjoyed using the app headspace.

Practice the ‘wheel of awareness’ meditation a few times next to your daily seated meditation.

Question thoughts and practice self-forgiveness. When you are judging or rejecting yourself, forgive the thought and choose acceptance.

Start a gratitude journal, writing daily about the things you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude rewires the brain for more happiness. You can read more about the neuroscience of gratitude, and how it affects anxiety & more here.

Find a way to stay connected to mindfulness by practicing the tools, maybe join a meditation group, or simply through following me on social media.

Thank you so much for completing the 6-weeks Course!!