Dear Mindfulness Trainee,

In this e-mail, you will find the home assignments and the links to the guided meditations and workbook.

This week is all about accepting our experience and sending out lovingkindness.

What to do this week?

Read the additional information on the subjects we addressed this week in the mindfulness workbook.

Practice the guided breath meditation 3 times with guidance and 3 times without guidance and journal about your experiences and insights. Practice the guided loving kindness meditation 3 times.

Read this article on overcoming procrastination for more tips on how to get out of the habit to procrastinate.

Practice the 3 minutes of breathing space 3 times a day and whenever you encounter a stressful event.

Practice lovingkindness in everyday encounters, and watch the youtube video from the wonderful Tara Branch

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need a quick chat.

I am looking forward to our final session together!

With gratitude,