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€799 for a private 8-week course, including 8 one-on-one coaching sessions with Lydia Hill.

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  • Experience breakthroughs in life and find inner peace by learning how to be present and live the beauty of the moment.
  • Mindfulness helps you to create a solid foundation for a more successful and fulfilled life. It will support clarity of mind and helps you to release tensions that we all build up in life.
  • It is a life skill that helps you to ease stress, reduce anxiety, cope better with pain, reduce ruminative thinking, prevent depression, and become more accepting and loving towards yourself, your body, and others.
  • By gaining a deeper awareness of what’s going on in your body and mind, from moment to moment, you develop incredible control over your mind. This ultimately sets you free. When you do the work, the results and benefits are truly unlimited.
  • A life-changing exploration that enhances your senses and enriches your life.
  • This 8-week course is an investment in yourself that you will reap the fruits from for the rest of your life!

This course will benefit you and those around you!

“Truly, A very big, Thank you very very much for everything and I will miss our “almost” weekly near life-saving sessions immensely… You may not realize it, but your gift was received by me at the perfect time. With so much stress and change on the horizon, you aided me in navigating a path forward with more clarity and ensured it is a path I wish to travel. Not only that, but I have managed to slow down the “noise” to a point where I can actually take a step back and savior the wonderful life I live and the blessed family I have..” – Lee (CEO)


Session 1  – Art & Science of Meditation

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Why and what about meditation.
  • The science of meditation
  • Neuroplasticity

Session 2 – Awareness, Attention & Focus

  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Mindful eating
  • Cycle of Change
  • Mindful moments to widen your experience
  • The Reticular Activation system

Session 3 – Managing The Shattered Mind

  • The power of your breath
  • Working with the mind & the breath
  • 3-minute breathing space
  • The vagus nerve and the ATN

Session 4 – Understanding Stress

  • Understanding stress and stress responses
  • Setbacks and negative thinking
  • Automatic Negative thoughts
  • Strategies for low moods, fear, depression, and anxiety

Session 5 – Thoughts & Thinking

  • Overthinking or underthinking?
  • Reframing thoughts
  • Finding space between thoughts
  • Monitor your thoughts instead of allowing thoughts to control you

Session 6 – Overcoming Self Sabotage

  • Overcoming self-sabotage, a massive roadblock to success and fulfillment
  • Judgment and compassion
  • Equanimity and sympathetic joy

Session 7 – Mindfulness for Better Relationships

  • Learn to create more joy and connection in relationships
  • Use challenges as a tool for growth and understanding
  • Powerfull communication tools

Session 8 – The Deeper Experience

  • Advanced meditation techniques
  • Access your creativity and improve productivity
  • Intuition is more than a feeling
  • Strategies to stay on track


  • Full access to the online library with additional pre-recorded videos, PDFs, and audio files.
  • 50% discount if you would like to repeat the course
€333 / €799
For more information: +34 627937513
E-mail contact@yogazonemarbella.es

A life-changing exploration that enhances your senses and enriches your life.

This 8-weeks course is an investment in yourself that you will reap the fruits from for the rest of your life!

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“What I needed was to find my way back home to me. You go deeper than you think and I found beautiful things about myself. You can discover what really is within you that might have been lost at some time. It’s truly amazing what can come out of you in the end.” – Nichola