€90 for a single session, €400 for a package of 5 sessions.


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In our life coaching program we guide you in identifying your blind spots, to help you recognize stuck patterns and limiting beliefs, to undo conditioning that doesn’t serve you, to get to the bottom of things and come up with solutions, empowering mindsets and skillful actions, so that in return you can move forward in life with more ease and much more grace-

Coaching is for you if you are ready to:


  • Create more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • End the never-ending cycle of weight gain and loss
  • Get out of limiting beliefs and stuck patterns
  • Adopt new ways of thinking and doing
  • Find your life’s purpose
  • Remember who you always were here to be
  • Re-align your life with your authentic self


Overcoming Trauma & Phobias


Trauma and disturbing events, as well as phobias, can diminish the quality of our daily lives without us even being aware of it. In our sessions, we work on unraveling these phobias, traumas or disturbing events in a way that they can no longer affect you in your current life. This work is incredibly liberating and releases a lot of tensions in your body and mind.

Often only a few sessions are needed to release the trauma or disturbing events – which might have been hurting you for years – so they can no longer influence your daily life. Leaving you feeling safe, strong, capable, accepted, loved and peaceful.


Discover the Beauty and Power of Your Authentic Self


Most people have no idea how beautiful and how powerful they are. Conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears, worries, trauma, failure, perfectionism are holding them back to step in their true power.

By not honoring your deepest heart desires, by not facing your fears and insecurities, you are giving away our power, lose self-confidence and self-esteem.


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