Transformational Breathing & Ice-bath:

Ice bathing is a practice which has been around for ages and is still used today to improve one’s health and overall well-being. Michael invites you to experience the power of the cold yourself by ice-bathing using the Wim Hof Method.

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Muscle & mind recovery

Not only are ice baths powerful tools to help your muscles recover after an intense training session, but it also is an effective way to learn how to use your breath to control your Autonomic Nervous System and practice the ancient yogic technique of temperature regulation. The Wim Hof Method will help you create a stronger mind-body link and help you find inner peace.

The Wim Hof Method:


First things first, Wim Hof, also nicknamed “The Iceman” broke numerous cold resistance records (maintaining his body core temperature whilst in an ice bath for 112 minutes or running a half marathon bare feet above the Arctic Circle). Convinced that all our bodies care as capable of doing that as his, he developed the Wim Hof Method to give ordinary people the tools to take control over their body.


The WHM is based on three pillars:

  • Breathing techniques,
  • Mindset,
  • Controlled exposure to cold. 

Mindset is the foundation of the other two pillars. To be fully mastered, both cold exposure and conscious breathing require patience and dedication. 


Ice baths guided by the Wim How Method can teach you how to use your breath to increase focus, remain calm under stress and regulate your body temperature.

Benefits of Transformational Breathing & Ice-bath:

  • Reduce inflammation dramatically
  • Flush lymph system
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Strengthen resilience
  • Minimize auto-immune conditions
  • Reduces anxiety & depression
  • Reduce blood sugar
  • Burns fat, even hours after
  • Neuro-protective effects
  • Neuro-generative effects
  • Reboot cardio-vascular system

Ice-bathing is for you if …

  • any of the above-listed benefits seem relevant to you,
  • you are interested in finding out how to use your breath to increase focus and stay calm under stress, as well as regulate your body temperature,
  • you are willing to challenge your mind-body connection,
  • you are looking for a post intense workout recovery.

Psst, don’t worry if taking an ice bath seems like an impossible prospect – anyone can do it!

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