Anusara  means “to flow with Grace”. The aim of the practice is to find a soft heart, sharp mind and vibrant body.
In this class we will explore Universal Principles of Alignment, important to skilfully align your body, heart and mind to enhance strength, flexibility and to experience more bliss and joy in your yoga practice and every day life.
Anusara yoga teachers are committed to creating an uplifting and empowering experience for every student in class. They inspire lightheartedness and playfulness with a joyful creativity that is the nature of the Anusara yoga practice.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced



Pilates classes offer numerous benefits to the individual including improved posture and strength (upper body in particular), well-toned muscles, a greatly increased core strength and awareness, and a better mind and body connection.
You will feel your flexibility improve from your first class and notice a definite improvement in your overall fitness and strength.
For all levels


This class guides you towards developing the practical skills to invite a clam, clarity & power into your life.

In class we explore a variety of meditation practices:

Breathwork Techniques – aimed to give you the control to stabilise your body, eliminate stress and provoke positive physiological changes in your body & life.

Focused Attention – giving you a sharp focus that cuts through the noise of distraction and grounds you in the presence and beauty of being.

Connecting with Your Senses, giving you the tools to tune into your senses and find harmony and inspiration in your immediate environment.

This class is suitable for all levels of experience. It a strong dose of energy in 45mins and will leave you feeling fearless & connected.

Level: Everyone


In Hatha Flow yoga, each movement is synchronised with the breath. The breath is the anchor that links one movement to the next.
We bring our awareness, attention and focus in each movement. There is a rhythm in the movements that follows the breath and helps us to still the mind and reconnect to our body.

Expect to move, sometimes vigorously, from pose to pose, generating strength and flexibility.

Level: Beginners – Intermediate


Presenting Marbella’s first Pilates Magic Circle Class.
After each session your entire body will be more sculpted, lengthened and toned, posture and flexibility will be instantly improved and your abdominal muscles will work in ways you’ve never experienced before. This class is the ideal way to get fit & lose weight while deepening your Pilates practice.
The Pilates Magic Circle Class is the perfect fusion of a strengthening session combined with a cardio workout.
Come join us, reap the benefits and book your place now!
Level: Intermediate – Advanced


This is a guided meditation class to help you release tensions, to reconnect to your innermost self and to find more ease.
Meditation is a powerful tool to transform and enhance life. It’s a great way to be more present and enjoy the beauty of life.
It also helps you to focus better and in return perform better in work, sports, creativity and interpersonal relationships.
When we meditate, we access the self healing capacity of our bodies and mind. We get to ease stress, reduce anxiety, cope better with pain, reduce ruminative thinking.
This all leaves you with a tremendous sense of power, peace and control over your life.

Level: Everyone


In Yin Yoga we explore long held therapeutic asanas, that generate the flow of vital energy through the fascia helping us to release deep layers of contraction held in the connective tissue.

Yin yoga influences and invigorates the energy centers of the body to release blockages and increase the energy flow.

With this practice we restore the harmony in our mind-body system cultivating flexibility in our physical body.

Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, our connective tissue has the opportunity to stretch and we are able to go much deeper into a pose.

It also helps to balance our mental and emotional body by developing awareness of inner silence and using mindfulness tools.

Yin yoga is accessible for everyone, we focus mainly on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. The practice is mostly done staying low on the floor.

Challenge your body and mind and enrol on this journey to the Self by holding deep stretches for several minutes.

Level: Everyone


Pilates classes offer numerous benefits to the individual including improved posture and strength (upper body in particular), well toned muscles, a greatly increased core strength and awareness and a better mind and body connection.

You will feel your flexibility improve from your first class and notice a definite improvement in your overall fitness and strength levels.

Level: from Beginners


Each barre class is designed to be a full-body, muscle endurance workout. Typically, they’re broken into different sections that focus on major muscle groups including the arms, legs, glutes, and core.

The muscles in each group are fatigued via small targeted movements, high numbers of repetitions, and light weight or resistance. Think of pulsing into a squat to target the glutes and quads, cranking out as many triceps kickbacks as possible with three-pound weights, or moving through a lively plank sequence.

For starters, barre is for everyone, and you don’t have to be a dancer or super fit to do it. Unlike many exercise programs, which require a high level of physical fitness or prior expertise, barre is very beginner-friendly and adaptable to different skill sets and ability levels.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate