Why Start Meditation Today?

In today’s busy world, it is very easy to find ourselves in vicious cycles, with so many stress and anxiety triggers. It is no surprise, that with the news consumption and panic that can be acquired during the pandemic outbreak, this cycle can worsen.

This continuous exposure to stress has been proven to our immune system weakening. That is why it is now important more than ever to learn how to calm our minds down and schedule a time for yourself, where meditation can come in as very effective.

A review by the National Center for Biotechnology Information analyzed 20 trials with more than 1600 subjects. It suggested that meditation may be a way to help our immune system for optimal functioning. It has the capacity to lower our stress levels, which directly correlates to the improvement of the immune system.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of meditation, you can read this article by Psychology Today:


Meditation is not about forgetting about all our worries and struggles, but it teaches us how to focus on the present moment, on our breath. This can then also reflect in how we react to stressful situations in our everyday lives.

However, to feel the difference, meditation needs to be implemented on a regular basis, with consistency, which can be viewed as a big challenge for most people.

That is why we now offer a Meditation Class with Lydia, every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00. At the moment, the Meditation Class on Tuesday is for FREE.

 Be kind to yourself and give meditation a try. With these 30-minute class, you will be guided to let go, and finish the class with a smile on your face, and a calm headspace.