pilates teacher

Our Pilates Teacher – Tracy

1. Pilates is for Everyone:

Women, men, and children of all ages, anyone with chronic illness and pain, athletes, dancers, and even pregnant moms can benefit from Pilates. It builds a stronger core, improves balance, increases flexibility, and promotes stability. Pilates can improve posture, body awareness, contribute to optimal health, and help you to move more efficiently. It’s gentle, stress free, and also challenging all at once. It is also proven to aid with treating and managing pain, utilizing low-impact exercises to take the stress off of joints and bones. If you are looking for a way to transform your body, then there are no excuses not to give Pilates a go.

2. You can do it Anywhere:

Pilates is so versatile that you can do it almost anywhere: in your home, in the gym, or studio or on the beach! Even if all you’ve got is 10 minutes, you can reap the benefits just from doing a few simple sequenced exercises. All you need is your own body weight to use as resistance. Want to up your practice? Add in balls, bands and other small equipment to increase the intensity.

3. Increase Flexibility, Coordination and Balance:

Unsurprisingly, your balance and coordination come from your core as well. When Pilates strengthens your core, those muscles that control balance and coordination are also strengthened, helping to prevent falls and injuries. Increased flexibility also allows muscles to lengthen and be more pliable so they can bend and stretch further to alleviate the possibility of injury.

4. Build Core Strength and Long, Lean Muscles:

Often the core is the weakest part of our bodies, but it’s our center, where all our strength originates from. Pilates focuses on sequenced exercises that constantly engage the core, which leads to flat abs and a strong back, among other benefits. Unlike weight lifting, which can cause muscles to shorten and bulk, Pilates focuses on resistance and assistance training to work both sides of muscles simultaneously. This allows the muscles to elongate and develop that long, lengthened, toned look.

5. Prevent Injuries:

Speaking of injuries, the effects of which can often linger for weeks, months, or even years. But what if we could use exercise as a way to prevent injuries rather than cause them? A central and recurring focus in Pilates is your core strength, which supports your abdominals and back muscles. Take a second to think about how much you use your core every day without even realizing: to stand up, walk, bend over, even to sit in a chair. If you devote time to strengthening these core muscle groups it will go a long way towards recovering from and alleviating current aches plus help to prevent future pains.

Yogazone now runs a Pilates Class every Friday at 12.30