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Release what might have been hurting you for years – so this can no longer influence your daily life, leaving you feeling safe, strong & capable.

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Experience breakthroughs in life and find inner peace by learning how to be present and live the beauty of the moment.

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Mindset and mental clarity are key elements for a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life. Your coach & therapist is here to help you grow into a better version of yourself.

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Transformational Coaching

I would recommend Lydia to everyone, and in fact, have done.

I went to her when the fluctuations of depression had become too intense. Whilst I wanted to get better I also did not want to communicate initially and I recall her being so patient with me, she truly has very comforting energy.

Lydia doesn’t attempt to ‘fix’ you but rather provides you with the tools to heal yourself, the knowledge that I can now carry with me for the rest of my life.

I am eternally grateful for Lydia’s work because she helped me master my own emotions; providing me with a gateway, and the inspiration for even deeper healing and appreciation for life. Our sessions motivated me to forever continue growing and expanding. 

Thank you Lydia!


Mindfulness & Meditation

 “Truly, A very big, Thank you very very much for everything and I will miss our near life-saving mindfulness sessions immensely…

You may not realize it, but your gift was received by me at the perfect time. With so much stress and change on the horizon, you aided me in navigating a path forward with more clarity and ensured it is a path I wish to travel.

Not only that, but I have managed to slow down the “noise” to a point where I can actually take a step back and savor the wonderful life I live and the blessed family I have..” 

Lee (CEO)


Yoga Teacher Trainig

The training was great! The teaching style offers a fine balance between structure and flow, discipline and so much fun. The intensive training was a very enriching experience and helped take my teaching skills to another level.

Lydia and Kai complement each other beautifully during the training, they are a powerful duo. They genuinely share their own teaching/ entrepreneurial experience and do a lot of coaching throughout the modules, which keeps it very real, useful, and inspiring!

Chris completes the perfect team, he’s warm, super organized, and always available to support students – both during the workshops and at any time in between! Highly recommendable.