An Anusara Inspired® Licensd Yoga teacher and the co-founder of yogazone.

She discovered the magic of yoga when she walked into a yoga studio in 2006, and it was the depth and the intelligence of the Anusara yoga system that really got her on board.

She experienced profound shifts in her yoga practice through the universal principles of alignment and discovered numerous new pathways of moving her body.

She continues to be amazed by the transformation these teachings have to offer.

Lydia is a deep diver and loves to explore the dynamics of the mind. She totally stoked about the ever expanding benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

You can find more about Lydia on her website www.lydiamellaart.com

Anusara Inspired® Licensed Yoga teacher (200hrs) – Rasa Yoga Teacher (300hrs) – Mindfulness Coach (SeeTrue) – Trauma Counsellor – Meditation Teacher (200hr).

(English & Spanish)
A certified Hatha Yoga teacher specialized in therapeutic principles. Her classes are inspired but not limited to Iyengar Yoga, a method she has practiced regularly since 2014.
She is a constant learner and she has done different trainings and courses about therapeutic yoga, anatomy and how to adapt the practice to different medical conditions. Recently she has been certified as a FRC® Mobility Specialist, a method that focuses on mobility development, joint strength and body control.
She enjoys the use of props because they offer a remarkably varied and unique way of practice and they can also be used in a therapeutic or restorative way for deep relaxation and healing. Her classes are demanding but fun.
Above anything else, yoga for Monica is Awareness. She feels very lucky to share with you how Yoga can transform our lives and achieve mental and physical wellbeing.
Has been teaching Pilates for nearly 15 years, working across Europe with both group and private clients, from 8 – 80 years old.

Tracy teaches mat work Pilates predominately and is also qualified to teach Reformer Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Pilates with Equipment.

Tracy has worked with a number of professional organizations including the Irish Rowing Team, the Irish Gymnastic Team and the Irish Women’s Rugby Team using Pilates to improve their performances in their chosen sports.

A qualified RYS 200hr Anusara Elements teacher from England, and is totally in love with all things yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

After completing 2 mindfulness courses, she has experienced first hand the physical and emotional benefits yoga and meditation has to offer.

Since finding yoga Nikki finally started to listen and understand her body, therefore gaining a body, mind, soul connection that she wasn’t aware of before.

Nikki is vibrant, open and full of life. She invites you to come and experience yoga that truly comes from the heart.

A Senior qualified and experienced International Yoga and Meditation Teacher. (RYT, ICRT, IWCA)
Her background is as a professional Ballet Dancer and Musical theater actress in London for 20 years where her love of Yoga philosophy began and the spiritual practice.
She has extensively studied and traveled all over the world with Yoga and attending medical college for 2 years in Canada to be able to add a depth to her teaching to enhance the physical practice for students especially with injuries, health concerns , age related challenges, medical pathologies and mental health challenges.
Sharon’s unique style of teaching allows for a varied exploration and experience of Yoga and Meditation so each student can receive what it is they wish to benefit from learning and practicing this ancient form of science, healing, wisdom and truth.
Layla is a fun loving, forever student and teacher of life. Layla first discovered yoga in college over 20 years ago and was immediately drawn to the strength, grace and beauty that is YOGA.
Ever since her first connection with yoga she has practiced yoga on and off through the years discovering the many schools and practices of yoga.
Layla first discovered Anursara Yoga in May 2018 and immediately connected with this school of yoga. Layla recently completed the RYS200hrs Anusara School of Hatha Yoga teacher training program in November 2018.
Yoga is fun, and challenges us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones to discover our inner strength and potential.
Layla looks forward to sharing her yoga journey with you!
Christina discovered for herself Yoga in 2017 when she moved to Spain. During the Yoga sessions she realised that moving her body and concentrating on postures was helping her to calm down her mind and feeling peaceful and open-minded after the class.
This sensation was so powerful that she wanted to learn more about Yoga and introduce it to other people as well.
That lead to her participation in a 200 hours Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training in Yogazone Marbella which she completed recently.
Now she is excited to take her first steps in teaching yoga and invites everyone who is interested to practice yoga to join her on this path.

A Yogi on a mission. She is an artist, a poet, a scholar, a student and a teacher, in pursuit of the kind of wisdom that can only be accessed through being fully embodied in authenticity . Her spiritual practice is not about leaving the physical reality and the challenges life presents us, but rather, diving deeper in.

Being a free-spirit here to Give and a leader in the creation of a better future for all life on Earth, Maya has an incredible intuitive power to feel the energy of her students, and always creates unique experiences that speaks directly to the hearts and souls of those present. Her goal is to enable you to connect with the inner wisdom of your body, increase your energy levels and expand your self-awareness.

Maya will inspire you to take charge of your own spiritual, emotional and energetic health to make lifestyle choices that give you more power.
She is fierce, wild, ferocious, one of the strongest women you’ll ever meet. She is also delicate, gentle, paper thin. She knows how to cry and is unafraid to feel.
She is laid back with language, she is unpretentious, humorous, down to earth. She’ll call you out when you are wrong, or bad, or mean, or when you’re lying to yourself. She wont blush if you call her out. Her grace in such matters is rarely matched.

Maya is far more qualified and educated than her relaxed attitude and humility show. She is an initiated Shaman, an academic (she holds a Masters Degree in Yoga Science) and is both well-read and travelled. At age 16 she left her family in Sweden for India, where an encounter with the world-renown Guru B.K.S. Iyengar lit a fire in her soul that burns bright to this day. Her journey has taken her all over the world, bringing inspiration from different styles of yoga with many illustrious teachers.

She teaches Yoga and meditation, of course, that’s why you’re here. However, what she shares is something far grander, Maia teaches life.


Adriana is a certified multi style yoga teacher and a mindfulness trainer. She found in yoga a gentle and yet powerful way to connect to herself and gain more awareness and presence in her life.

She has fully immersed into the depths of a yogi lifestyle when she completed her 200HR Hatha Yoga and Meditation Course followed by a 300HR Vinyasa and Yin Training, both in different parts of India.

She believes that throught the power of yoga and meditation we can remove all the layers that have stopped us from reaching our authentic Selves.

She is a free spirit who loves traveling, reading and enjoys spending most of her time in nature.

She currently teaches Vinyasa Flow and she believes in liberty of movement, encouraging her students to express themselves freely and in a natural way, while gently guiding them through the asanas.


A Movement Arts teacher. He has exposed himself to a variety of disciplines; Yoga, Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning as well as a range of Natural Movement Practices. Christian has studied with world-renowned movement teachers;
Ben Medder, Ido Portal, Jozef Frucek, amongst others.

His approach is to create a diverse practice that improves you as a MOVER – giving you a greater capacity to move strongly, effortlessly and inspired – taking this to life and the activities you love.

Christian’s passion is it to work with the power of play and communication – infusing opportunities for exchange and mutual learning that make his training a testing and enriching experience.


BIO Angela English & Spanish

Angela Viejo practiced more than 10 years before she takes her first Ashtanga yoga teacher trainning in India. Nowadays she is certified in several yoga disciplines: Acroyoga, Rocket, Aeroyoga and Kids-Family Yoga.

Passionate about Thai massage for the teaching of humility, presence and dedication that inspires to those who practice. She regularly visits her teachers in India and Thailand, as an eternal student and researcher.

“Yoga is life. The greatest growth I found when sharing my mat and my practice space with other people, then you see yourself and your tendencies. Acroyoga taught me to trust, to give myself with respect, patience and listening, to breathe with strangers as if they were my brothers, to care for others with my heart, not to judge, to be more equanimous and loving, to be happier for others’ achievements, than for my own.

Yoga shows a way to loose fears and recover the divine strength common to all beings. Yoga is you, aware of the gift of breathing and life, present and in absolute union with all beings “In her classes she cares for every student with joy, encouraging all to achieve their goals.

Natalie is a certified yoga teacher from Oxford who has been teaching for the past three years in the UK and Spain.
She found her love for yoga over 15 years ago and has explored its various pathways for self transformation, release and self discovery.
Natalie teaches Hatha, Yin and Om and Bass which is a chakra journey incorporating yoga, moving mediation and liberation to soulful beats.

Millie is a BASI (Body Arts and Science International) certified Pilates instructor, and well-being is the ultimate goal.

BASI trainers are of the highest calibre supplementing the classical repertoire of Clara and Joseph Pilates with contemporary experience and scientific knowledge.

Finding Pilates by pure chance when living in Australia she instantly became hooked. Pilates was the key to flicking back the switch to many inhibited (sleepy) muscles … Pilates has since transformed her body, and the movement has acted as a connector to the mind.

Returning to Europe she completed her BASI training in London then moved to Marbella and became apart of the Costa Spine team in Guadalmina. She’s had experience working with various pathologies and injuries combining both rehabilitation and Pilates techniques.

Millie’s energy will keep you motivated in her classes, and no session goes by without a little burn! She pays particular attention to core stability and the deep postural muscles, and is a firm believer that movement is medicine, taking a holistic approach encompassing the whole body, mind and spirit in her work.

Louise has been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years. She has several 200 hours yoga teacher trainings behind her. Hatha, dynamic hatha, embodied yin and restorative yoga.

Louise has been gaining her knowledge through many years of traveling the world – Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Germany and America doing yoga courses, workshops and retreats.

She used breathwork, yoga and meditation to heal herself after a longer period with cancer. end experienced how the human body can heal itself by working with the body and mind in a holistic and alternative way.


I started practicing Hatha Yoga almost 5 years ago, as i was finding myself in a mental storm, and this was the perfect tool to keep me balanced in facing my own awakening.

After integrating the practice in my life, i realised that I can take it to the next level.

This made me decide to take the RYT200 Hatha Vinyasa teacher training.

The sessions I offer are open to all levels and ages, as it is a gentile practice where we focus on connecting with our inner world using our breath.
Come join me for an uplifting experience through a Gentil Vinyasa Flow session !